Bare nature

Totally remastered slide-show of the same name series.

My Sexy Chernihiv

“My Sexy Chernihiv” is a homage to the city I live for a long time. I painted black and white photographs in different, often not natural colours, making them to look in an unrealistic way. We always tend to give some mystical, almost magical traits to our hometown that we know for ages. It becomes special for us, with its own spirit that we like and always miss being in other places.
I made these series a bit erotic, almost virgin erotic. So many pretty girls live here, and this combination of magic and erotica, used in series, is something that keen photographer could imagine in the picture of his good old city.

The Rite

"The Rite" series slide-show


"Dreaming" series slide-show

South wind

Portraits of different years.

Tantra Samhita

I took these pictures in 2013, and they have never been exposed or published until in 2021 I found the handmade book "Tantra Samhita" (supposedly made in the Soviet era) in a pile of old rubbish and used it as a basis for my new artbook. Painted gelatin-silver prints. Handmade book.

USoUE video