Tantra Samhita

I took these pictures in 2013, and they have never been exposed or published until in 2021 I found the handmade book "Tantra Samhita" (supposedly made in the Soviet era) in a pile of old rubbish and used it as a basis for my new artbook. Painted gelatin-silver prints. Handmade book.

South wind

Early portraits


Lith-prints 2014-2016

The Rite


Bare nature


Scratchy days


V stands for Roman 5, as it is my 5th art-book. But it`s also the first letter in "Victory". Victory over oneself, as I change roles and put myself into the frame, becoming not only a photographer but a model.

USoUE art-book

Handmade artbook, 2nd copy. 67 pages. 87 genuine gelatin-silver prints. 2020 year.